Step 1- go to

Step 2- In the upper right corner of the page. Click on “Join/Renew Now”

Step 3- Next to the “Register or renew online” Click on “For Individual Members” 

Step 4- Fill out the form completely under “New Membership”

Very Important:

* Under “Sports Code” put a check in the boxes for Track Events and Field Events

* Where it ask for “USATF-Registered Club” Please put our club number “717”.  if you do not put this code in. The athlete will not be listed under our team.

* Under “Membership Categories” Check “Athlete”

* Membership Year is “2018-1 year”

Step 5 – After choosing password and completing the Security Questions. At the bottom of page click the next button. The next page will ask you to pay for the registration.


Please Note: If your athlete is coming from another team. You will be require you to send an email to “”

The letter must read:

To whom this may concern. I want to move “Athletes Name and USATF Membership Number” from “prior clubs name” to “Elite Speed Track Club- 717” Athlete has not competed with prior club in over 90 days


2018 Membership List Below As Of MAY 20TH, 2018


Adia Arnold  NO      
Alijah Ward YES   YES  
Aliyah Browing YES      
Amya Hughes YES      
Angelica Frederick YES      
Aris Hubbard  NO      
Asante Gordon  NO   YES  
Ashton Taylor YES      
Ava Mincey YES      
Bradley Favors YES      
Brooklyn Beal YES      
Caleb Shakespeare  NO      
Carlos Green YES      
Chanice Harris YES      
Chase Bowe YES      
Chelse’ Carroll  NO      
Christian Clowers YES      
Collin Henderson YES   YES  
Corde’ Taylor  NO      
Cymonne Johnson YES      
Dario Fairnnot YES      
Daryll Burton YES      
Demijae Collier  NO      
Demya Dennard  NO      
Derrick “Josh” White  NO      
Destiny Walker  NO      
Devin Brewington YES   YES  
Dimeshia Dukes YES   YES  
Emaya Asbury YES   YES  
Farrnell Williams Jr.  YES   YES  
Gerald Walker YES      
Isiah Taylor  YES   YES  
Ivori Frederick        
Iylana Helenese YES      
Izayah Currence YES      
Jackson Taylor YES      
Jada Collier     YES  
Jae’lon Sands  YES   YES  
Jahmera Webb Haye  NO   YES  
Jelani Lancslin  NO      
Jessie Hawkins YES      
Jordan Sessom  NO      
Jordan Wongus  YES      
KaDarius Fitzgerald YES      
Kaejean Fitzgerald YES   YES  
Kaleb Wilson YES      
Kalecia Holiday  NO      
Kamya Smith YES   YES  
Karan Fitzgerald YES   YES  
Khamani Wright YES   YES  
Kingston Lobdell YES   YES  
Kyndall Sessom  NO      
Lauren Euler YES      
Lea Arnold  NO      
Logan Carroll  NO      
Makenzy Means  YES   YES  
Malachi Williams  NO      
Marcellus Boykin  NO   YES  
Marcus Dotson YES      
Maurice Durden  NO   YES  
Morgan Means  YES   YES  
Moriah Jackson YES      
Moriah Richardson  NO      
Ni’Asija Wright YES      
Nigel Hussey YES      
Nina Gilbert YES   YES  
Omari Gordon  NO   YES  
Patrick Clay YES      
Radarian Palmore  NO      
Rashun Fountain YES   YES  
Raven Thurman YES      
Rylie lobdell YES   YES  
Sanaa Stanton YES   YES  
Sewlyn Lloyd YES      
Starr Jackson YES      
Synia Sims YES      
Tobias Berry  NO      
Tobias Berry  NO      
Trace Armstrong  NO      
Trent Wiley  NO   YES  
Tykira Garrett  NO      
Tyler Henderson YES   YES  
Tyme Strickland YES      
VaSean Fairnot YES      
Victoria  Johnson YES   YES  
William Moore  NO      
Xaviah Taylor YES   YES  
Yanous Dukes YES      
Zachary Manning  NO      
Zion Brimah  NO      
Zoi Woods  NO   YES  
Zoria Davis  NO