Team Rules  During A Track Meet

  1. All athletes must report by 8:30 AM. Regardless if athlete does not compete until a later time.

  2. All Athletes must immediately warm up upon arrival to the track and at least 45 minutes prior to their race.

  3. All athletes Must Sit With The Team

  4. Athletes are prohibited wearing any “OPEN” toe shoes. This includes flip flops, sandals.

  5. Uniforms must be properly worn at all times. Joggers or Compression pants are to be worn over the compression bottoms at all times.

  6. Male Athletes must wear shirts at all times. If you are caught you will be disciplined by team and the Officials my even be “DISQUALIFIED” from your race(s).

  7. Athletes must have shoes on at all times.

  8. Athletes are prohibited from going to the “CONCESSISSION STANDS” during the track meet.

  9. If athlete loses their Bibb number. Parents will be responsible for whatever the replacement cost is. Cost is normally between $5-$10

  10. Athletes “CANNOT” leave the track meet unless it has been cleared by a coach.

  11. It is mandatory that each athletes run at least 2 cool down laps after every race.


The Team will provide drinks and snacks for the athletes participating in the track meet. The cooler  is not for non-athletes. No athlete is to enter the cooler without permission of a Coach or Team Mom. Each athlete will be provided at least 2 Waters, 2 Gatorades, sandwich, and snack bar.