Youth Track & Field Frequently Asked Questions

What Should My Athlete Bring To Practice? 

(1)  Come appropriately dressed in shorts, t-shirt, athletic socks, and running shoes. In cooler weather, you may also want to wear warm-up pants and jacket.

(2)  Although it is our goal to bring water every day to practice. Please bring plenty of water just in case we forget.

(3)  May want to bring towel

(4)  Good attitude, desire to work hard, respect for coaches/teammates Make sure all items are labeled with athlete’s name. 

Where Can I Get Practice Shoes / Track Spikes

Practice Running Shoes any sports store or some department stores; i.e. Academy Sports, Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, Phidippides (Ansley Mall), Ross, T.J. Maxx,or Marshalls. In addition, you may visit, Get running or possibly cross-training shoes. No basketball shoes (high tops) or casual athletic shoes. There   is no need to overspend on practice shoes. Adequate shoes may be found from $20 $30, particularly if you find some on sale. Track Spikes for younger athletes or smaller sizes (< size 5) try any of these locations.


 What Can I Expect at the Saturday Track Meets?

  • Although the team will provide drinks and snack for our athletes. Parents if you have a child(ren) that is not participating with the team. Please bring additional snacks and drinks for your non-athletes.
  • Please bring CASH! Most meets require between $4 – $8 entry fees for athletes and spectators
  • Track meets will typically last all day (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or later); therefore, unless there is an emergency, please be prepared to stay for all of your child’s events.
  • ALWAYS pull/print the meet schedule from the website the day prior to the meet (there may also be changes on the day of the meet, so listen to the announcers carefully)
  • Make sure your athlete has their ELITE SPEED UNIFORM and both practice shoes and spikes. Some athletes prefer to wear another shirt and/or shorts (fitted type gear) underneath their uniform.

       Like with all sports, participating in track is a growth opportunity for your child(ren). Help your athlete learn to be INDEPENDENT at meets (i.e. listening for their race, learning where to check in, learning to report to their assigned lane, knowing where to go after

  • the finish, etc.) in preparation for the upcoming championship meets when parents/coaches are not allowed on the field. Of course, the coaches will be assisting with this step as well.
  •    Have enough healthy food (see Nutrition Guide) for athlete and other family members (if necessary); Although concession stands are usually available,


“NO” concession stand food for the athlete until AFTER all events are complete

  •      Keep your athlete properly hydrated, particularly once the weather gets hotter 
  • Sports drinks, like Gatorade or PowerAde, are recommended to be consumed after competition. Bring books, games, cards, coloring books, etc. to entertain the athletes and siblings between events (LABEL and Keep Up With Everything!)
  •    You may want to also bring hand sanitizer or wipes, paper towels, a roll of toilet tissue, and extra clothing (socks, underwear, shorts)

 Anything Else I Need To Know?

You may want to consider investing in a wheeled cooler (for food and drink) as well as collapsible chairs for seating at the meets.

You may consider bringing a blue tarp (very inexpensive at Wal-Mart) to put down under the chairs or under the tents it covers up fire ants and mud, and allows a place for the athlete to lie down, if needed. Reinforce to your athlete the importance of getting their times after their races and reporting it to the recorder/coach so that we can continue to assess their progress.

All trash must be picked up from the tent location at the meet sites


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